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Why Marketers should focus on Inbound?

“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.” – Seth Godin

“Sales start within Service, but Service starts within Sales.” – Tilly Davies

The noise in the market today is that buying habits have changed. Everybody now knows, and advocates, potential customers roam online seeking for the ultimate solution to their problem.

We all are a customer, at some point, and probably the best example to ourselves of how buying habits changed. I do not buy anything anymore without doing a thorough research on the Internet first. With so many snake oils, schemes, scams and options available I am always looking for the perfect solution for me. I am no longer stirred to action to buy by clever or flashy sales messages, are you?

Today, sales focus on building ongoing relationships. Instead of being direct and in-your face, it takes a subtle approach through valuable content creation, asking for prospects’ permission, and developing an ongoing relationship with an engaged audience. Setting the example of what service delivery can be expected once the buying decision has been made!

With inbound marketing, you aim to build a trusting customer base, adding consistent and huge value – to them not your business. It is an honest, open and almost noble approach where the focus is no longer a selfish one in that businesses solely concentrate on profit margins. No longer is the sales meeting about reporting on ‘targets’ met but on how much value was added. The more value you add, the more service focused you become, the more your business will grow and the larger the profit margins. It is a win-win situation for all; the customer is 100% satisfied that his/her need is met and the business experience profit margins beyond expectation.

It is also true those customers that buy your products and services by means of inbound marketing strategies become your most reliable brand advocates referring your business regularly – the most cost effective sales process known today. More so, buying more from you (upsell) is no longer a sales activity but rather the service department’s role. It is a natural process where the customer will find the other offers you have, in the same manner he found your business in the beginning, and ask a service rep to make the sale.

As a customer service specialist I advocated, for years, that service starts within sales and sales start within service, and have seen the successes in businesses that adopted this philosophy. It is almost if we have gone the full circle and are back where we once started commercially – The more we give, the more we get!

I am a certified Inbound Marketing Coach totally sold on only gaining customers following these principles – I am at your Service!


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