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Tilly Davies

Tilly DaviesTilly’s 35 year career in IT, contact centres and customer management practices, gives her unparalleled experience and accumulated expertise in many specialised areas, highly in demand as the business community moves rapidly into the era of customer experience management.

Tilly developed, managed or advised many contact centre, call centre or helpdesk programs. These have spanned operations involving inbound, outbound, blended (inbound and outbound), and unified messaging handling, including web integration. She has recruited and trained hundreds of contact centre reps and has developed effective, company specific, in-house training systems.

Tilly advises clients on the acquisition of off-the-shelf contact centre software and computer hardware, and has guided custom software development teams for direct and telephone marketing applications. She has specified or advised on many IT requirements, network services and telephony solutions for company specific needs.

Tilly implements, maps and re-engineers the necessary business processes, to ensure that the front and back office integration is accurately implemented and results in smooth daily operations, with the desired customer experience outcome.

Tilly started her career focussing mainly on computer mainframe operating systems and COBOL (programming language). She quickly moved to mastering mainframe network protocols such as VTAM. With the introduction of PC’s into the corporate world, she included PC operating systems in her vast pool of skills and expertise. With her background in mainframe computer network systems, it was a natural progression for her to add PC network systems, such as Banyan Vines and Novell, to her list of expertise. At the time, she also focussed on implementing the necessary systems to enable the integration of mainframe and PC applications. She delivered these services to companies such as Wispeco, ICL, Sappi and the SBDC.

Her growth in the corporate IT world caught the attention of De Beers Industrial Diamonds, who offered her the position of IT Manager. She successfully fulfilled this role for 2 years and had the honour and privilege, of being the first female manager in the De Beers group.

At that point in her career, Tilly entered the international market, joining an international concern, Infonet, to assist with building a network outsourcing platform; a service utilised by many of the larger companies in South Africa, including ABSA and others. She was then privileged to undergo Cisco router and customer services training in Los Angeles, USA.

Thereafter Tilly’s career moved towards the customer service arena. She was invited by Liberty Life to assist as Network Configuration Manager. Soon after her appointment, she was tasked to set up a Customer Service Department, for the Liberty Life intermediary network. Tilly received the Managing Director’s Award for the Best Team in the Management Development Program, for her efforts in implementing this department.

By now Tilly’s experience in, specifically, technology, business processes and the integration of these to enhance a company’s operations, was well-known in the corporate world. She became instrumental in the first implementation of the ITIL principles, with a very good understanding of these. Her knowledge and skills in the implementation and streamlining of call centres, contact centres and help desks, were sought after. On many occasions, Tilly was asked to speak and train others at various events and conferences in South Africa and was also invited as a speaker, to the Dubai Call Centre Conference.

Based on her successes, Tilly decided to offer her services as a customer management consultant and call centre specialist. Her main aim and focus was to assist with the implementation of new customer services structures but also to improve existing customer services operations. This resulted in her becoming a customer management solutions provider to many companies in South Africa.

In 2004, Tilly was offered the opportunity to pursue another lifelong dream; to become a Sports Nutritionist. As an entrepreneur and business owner, she needed systems to run her practise successfully; structures such as a website and social media marketing. Based on her curiosity and vast experience in technology, she took on the challenge to implement these systems herself. Many hours were spent studying website design, graphic design and social media. Her practise was finally equipped with a website, which incorporated advanced structures; online video streaming, social networking, forums and amazon web services. All designed, developed and implemented by Tilly.

It was her success in her own social media management campaigns, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and others, as well as the many requests for assistance she received, that led her to render consulting services in this arena. Spending most of her time assisting other business concerns with website design and social media campaigns, changed the playing field and Tilly closed her own practise, refocusing and concentrating her skills and expertise.

At first this consisted mainly of website and social media management consulting but word of Tilly’s return to the corporate arena soon spread. Due to the demand for her services, she started consulting and assisting companies with all their customer management related services, again.

Tilly has assisted many companies with their IT infrastructure, contact centre, call centre, help desk, and customer service operations, in the following industries – banking, retail, insurance, transport, telecommunications, cellular, facilities management, outsourcing and management consulting.

She is known for her dedication, organisational skills, work ethics, professionalism and the ability to deliver more than the defined expectations. Tilly’s passion is customer service, she leads by example and will walk the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction to all – her customers and her client’s customers.