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The Value of a Network Marketing Business

It is no secret any more that I entered into a network marketing business venture. The last two months have been nothing short of huge self-development.

I have heard so many different views and opinions regarding the network marketing profession that what I have found was a huge surprise; nothing could have prepared me for what I discovered

There is no instant successes, no quick and easy money to made, no people down the line abuse and no manipulation of the weak and wounded. It is work, hard solid long hours of work! After a 35 year  rewarding corporate career, where every hour of my day was spent to climb a ladder of what was then perceived as success, I can honestly say that I have never ever in any of those years worked as hard as what have done in the last 2 months in my newly established network  marketing business. But I can also say that these last two months have honestly been the most rewarding.

Sadly the value of a network marketing business is totally misunderstood. This became evident within my first week of searching for team members and in the last two months the pattern never changed.

In order to find a team member I search for people with specific experiences and backgrounds on the various social media platforms. When I find a match I engage and start building a relationship by asking many questions. It is amazing how people then present themselves as someone who has achieved many successes, has great skill and in absolute no need of what I have to offer; but still mildly interested. Then we meet online where a presentation details my entire offering; the business concept including the product and service; a once in a lifetime opportunity. And then it happens…… the metamorphosis of a person that instantly change from being extremely successful, high in demand  to someone that lives below the breadline that is in desperate need of a free, no money exchange, charitable opportunity to save them.

Network marketing has many faces but the most common one is that people are getting hurt because of ruthless networkers that abuse the weak for endless riches. I have seen a different picture; I have seen ignorance towards the value of a network marketing business. Network marketing is a very cost effective option to start a business that can grow larger than a MacDonald’s franchise in no time, with the added advantage of becoming a professional international entrepreneur operating in a billion dollar market with a ridiculously low investment.

The vision of what a network marketing business really offers is lacking and I see that my greatest task will be to teach others that network marketing is a business with a very small startup cost (but has a price tag), with a ridiculously low monthly running cost (but has a price tag), and a daily method of operation that requires consistent effort and action. Too often people want to enter a network marketing business at the lowest possible cost or preferably no cost and are hoping that with the least work and time effort they will become rich instantly.

It has been said that people do not have money problems but rather vision problems. If you fully comprehend what the value of a network marketing business really is nothing will stop you from grabbing the opportunity that will change your life….

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