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carl meyer

The No 1 Secret to Internet Marketing Success

My eldest son Martin aspired at the tender age of 10, to become a pro golfer. Instead of just practicing really hard every day, he also studied the techniques of other pro golfers in detail. I have seen almost everything swing of golfers like Ernie Els and Tiger Woods.

My youngest son Josh is also aiming for a sport career and focuses on soccer and is following the study methods of his brother. I did not know that Messi and Rooney kicked the ball so differently.

Both my children learned this method of understanding their game from my brother, Carl. Carl is one of the top race walkers in the world and in fact the top race walking coach in South Africa having produced two Olympics athletes already.

The lesson lies herein. If you study and understand how others with similar goals to yours achieved their successes it shortens your journey to your own success.

Last night I attended one of the biggest webinars I have ever seen. Over 5000 people registered and waited eagerly, which started late, to listen to the teaching of one of the most successful internet marketers of our time.

….And that is when I saw the light!

Over 5000 people recognized the fact, that one very successful internet marketer could possibly shorten their journey to success and made every sacrifice necessary to attend the webinar. I was there and for me it was 3:00am, ready with notepad to take notes and wide awake!

Now while I was waiting very patiently for the webinar to start, watching how people from all over the world arrived very excited and eager to learn, I realized I have access to the teachings of almost every top internet marketer in the world. It dawned on me that I actually do not need to get up at 3 in the morning to listen to training that will be available to me later but more so, I have access to these kind of trainings every day. Plus new trainings, new insights from the top internet marketers of the world are added almost on a daily basis.

How? Well I have a monthly subscription to this marketing and lead generation system that not only provide me with all the systems and tools I need to market my business but also provide me with a training library; training done by the top internet marketers in the world!

The concept to be where your customers are has been detailed and labored. You cannot sell anything to anybody unless you are in the same space. Today I want to introduce the same concept but differently – you cannot be successful unless you are where the successful people are. How else are you going to study and learn from them?

The No 1 secret of success is to learn from others who has mastered the skill and has the knowledge you need to shorten your success journey – and be present where they are!


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