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Time to get Leads

The biggest problem in getting clients today

…or is there more than one problem?

Call Centres! I remember it vividly. The days I, as a Call Centre Consultant, stood there like an army general pushing the call centre agents to meet the targets. It was tough. It was normally a telesales operation and we had to meet 80 calls per agent per day as the absolute minimum target. Going for a bathroom break had to be earned.

Those were the days when marketing and sales were achieved on the line rather than online. I have been asked so many times if it was successful and the answer always was ‘Of Course’! But not true if you started calculating the Customer Acquisition Costs as the biggest problem to overcome in those type of sales activities is Volume.

Thankfully according to reports offline marketing and sales is starting to take a backseat to online methods. But online activities arrived with its own major challenges: – Time!

When I opened my Digital Marketing Agency doors towards the end of 2014, I was brave and falsely confident. I soon learned that no army general style can persuade stubborn prospects that they need customers. Unbelievable I thought at the time, but true!

What happened over the next couple of months was brutal.

At first, I tried organic marketing being SEO. It made the most sense as with my technical background website development coupled with Google understanding came naturally. But no matter what I did the only progress I made and the only positive result I witnessed was the increase in website traffic.

Paid advertising to me, at the time. was wasting money but I was getting frustrated. I needed clients or knocking on corporate doors would soon become the only option. I got leads but mostly not my target audience and my frustration were fast becoming total desperation.

So, I embarked on social selling while I continued with my SEO and Paid Advertising trusting for a miracle. I targeted LinkedIn and Twitter. I posted up to 200 times per day on Twitter and at least 10 times on LinkedIn. Nothing! Except some of my business colleagues from my call centres days stopped following me and wouldn’t answer my calls anymore. I was becoming the online ‘pest’. I slowed down a bit and knew the end was near.

I myself can be rather stubborn and decided if this is the end I will exit with style. I started engaging on social media and built communities. I left messages everywhere almost spitefully as I was totally adamant to be remembered. Afterall what is put on the Internet stays on the Internet. I commented sometimes on 50 plus posts per day without spamming or talking about my agency. My email list by now grew and my emails became short and sweet without any sales messages.

Then it happened.

I still remember my total amazement the day I received my first call asking if my business could assist. Not an email, not a post update but a phone call.

That’s when I realised digital marketing takes Time to yield the desired results. These are my my experiences:

  • SEO and organic marketing can take up to nine months.
  • Paid Advertising anything between 3-6 Months.
  • Community management 2-4 months.

But the biggest discovery I made was that coupled with patience digital marketing success is totally dependent on an integrated approach. And that is what led to the birth of The Lead Generator service which we upgraded now to The Client Generator.

Ultimately The Client Generator as a service to you will move your prospects seamlessly through the Customer Value Journey from Awareness to Conversion, and if you so wish even to becoming Promoters.

Times are tough. The longer you wait to implement a sensible Digital Marketing Strategy the longer you will continue to operate in total frustration and ultimately desperation.

My recommendation…. The Client Generator!

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