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Every business starts with that one Big Idea! We have always thought of strategy as a ‘long-term planning exercise’. For the small business, these strategies are soon forgotten once the daily operations such as client requests take preference, resulting in loss of focus, errors and re-work.

In order to place the strategy in center of every daily activity we re-align the business processes, procedures and policies. This is achieved by:

  1. Business Analysis – The objective of the business analysis is to measure the effectiveness of the competitive advantage of the business. Many businesses focus only on survival and do not think in terms of competing and differentiating themselves. This has caused many businesses to fail at worst or retard their growth at best.
  2. Business Growth – Strategy within the context of the growth formula means and includes the ‘Big Picture’ or ‘Strategic Intent’ or our personal favourite the ‘Owner Intent’. In other words, the strategy becomes the daily focus as per the business owner’s intent and everyone involved in the business work towards achieving this daily.  This creates a dedicated focus for leadership and employees ensuring that goals are met always. The growth formula is based on the people and resources as the business foundation executing the strategy daily
  3. Marketing Funnel – For the small business owner marketing and sales is crucial to the growth of the business. Unfortunately, with so many marketing options available, designing the most effective marketing and sales strategy specific to the small business is omitted by most small business owners. Guidance on how to achieve and execute such a strategy is also not readily available.
    Support Small Business designed a Marketing Funnel Formula consisting of two parts, an audit and a funnel design, to guide the small business in the implementation of a marketing and sales strategy, even if the small business will opt to outsource the operational aspects of marketing and sales. It is important for the small business to always remain the owner and custodian of the marketing and sales strategy.

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