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Secret Nifty Twitter feature to explode business growth

Twitter is fast! Just try and read the latest tweets one-by-one and you will know exactly what I am talking about. When visiting my twitter timeline I have hardly read the first tweet when I am notified there are 100 or more new tweets. Keeping up, with the latest tweets, is virtually impossible.

So how do you connect with people, engage and build strong relationships on Twitter?

Twitter Lists! This nifty little tool is probably the most powerful gizmo in your Social Media Marketing armor. A lot has been said about your creating your ‘buyers persona’ and talking to the right people every time. Twitter Lists enable you to only engage with those that have an interest in your business, products or services – a time saver of note.

What is important is that similar to understanding your sales funnel your lists must make sense. A Twitter list can be compared to segmenting your sales database or grouping your target market. You need to group your Twitter followers in such a way that you can define targets, specific messages and objectives for each list. Once you created a list it is easy to follow the tweets of the people in that list, it is slower and you can now engage by commenting, retweeting or favoring the tweet; starting and growing the relationship!

Here is five lists I recommend that you should create in order to manage your Twitter account well.

  1. Customers
    1. Internal customers – Create a list for all your employees and/or team members
    2. External customers – Find your customers, the users of products and services, and add them to a separate list
  2. Partners – Group the support structure of your business together in a specific list i.e. accountant, lawyer, IT support, stationery, software supplier and so on. It can be to your advantage to thank them publicly for a service well delivered, they will gladly return the favor by retweeting your tweet and in so doing create exposure and more opportunity for your business.
  3. Competition – Knowing what your competition is doing can be a ‘business saver’. Spying on the competition has never been easier.
  4. Influencers – In every industry there are people with huge followings and Twitter lists them as influencers easy to find in a Google search. Try and create a list of 10-15 influencers in your industry and observe their tweeting habits, learn from the best. But even more so if one of these influencers retweet a tweet of yours it will be seen by a lot of potential buyers growing your followers, and ultimately your business, quickly
  5. Supporters – When someone favor or retweet one of your tweets add them to a specific list. This way you actually create a sales funnel and can start a targeted approach to create marketing qualified leads. This list normally will grow as you qualify the interest. If it turns out that the supporter was a competitor, move them to the competitor list or if they are not a fit for your business delete them from the list.

You can create more lists as per your business requirements but I do recommend that you keep it simple and manageable. Now your Twitter activities will make sense and you are working towards specific goals and objectives utilizing your twitter time wisely.

Fact is we need to know how to operate effectively when using a social media channel. When you shy away from training, due to cost or time, you are in fact wasting even more money and time by being totally ineffective.

Twitter is a traffic generator and an excellent lead generation tool – learn how to use it and grow your business, fast like Twitter!

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