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Progressive Web App

Much have been said about the importance of having a online business presence on a mobile device. We all agree that most customers today prefer their mobile devices for searching and finding business solutions. So what is the best options available to ensure that your business enjoy massive exposure to the mobile customer?

Consider these three options:

  1. Websites – Responsive websites are still a good option and cost effective. However, one of the common challenges with responsive design websites is getting navigation right for smartphones.
  2. Mobile App – When well designed the mobile app has a slicker more user friendly approach for the customer. Besides the difficulties for the customer to keep downloading updates for already overcrowded app stores it is a very expensive solution for the business.
  3. Progressive Web App (PWA) – This is really the solution for the best of both worlds. In other words the PWA offer a website and mobile experience for the customer and is more practical than ever. For the business this is by far the best cost solution and comes packaged neatly with a CRM and CMS system.

PWA is a web-based platform that offer push notifications, offline functionality via a dedicated cache (not the browser cache), the option to install and launch from the home screen (not an app store) – and the ability to access device hardware including the camera and GPS.

For some more Progressive Web App examples, Google has created a showcase of case studies.

PWA’s have been developed since 2016 and some of the major corporates are implementing their PWA’s because it makes sense. Our PWA offer includes quick development and ongoing support.

Contact us to learn more and order your PWA, before your competitor does!

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