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Mobile Presence is now Compulsory for the Small Business

Being able to have your business on mobile is seen as a compulsory step for all businesses, no matter what size, in the same vein as developing a website was many years ago.


Because it was reported that 197 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2017. It is evident that more businesses are now venturing into having an app developed.

The question, however, remains, will the small business, the SME be left behind again? The perception is that Mobile Apps can be a technical challenge that could have a price tag not affordable.

There is a solution and it is called Progressive Web Apps (PWA). PWA’s will offer the Small Business the opportunity to enter the Mobile arena with ease offering their customers world-class mobile experiences.

The key benefits of a PWA is huge and will include but are not limited to:

  • Offline mode
  • Feels like an app, works like a website
  • Improved performance
  • Fast install on devices
  • Push Notifications
  • No app store submission
  • Cost and Time Effective
  • Easy to manage from a website


The small business does have a lot to gain from implementing their own PWA. In fact, It is now known that PWAs have given Google, AliExpress, and FlipKart a 50-100% increase in retention and conversion rates.

So consider these 6 reasons why implementing a PWA is now compulsory for your business:

  1. Be in front of your customer always. You company logo will be displayed on your customer’s mobile device reminding them of your services and products every time they use the device. Most importantly users do not have to find your app in an app store that already is pretty crowded.
  2. Lower overhead costs. A progressive web app does not have the large data requirements of a mobile app install, plus the design itself will cost less.
  3. Crazy Profit Conversions. PWAs are easy to navigate and use, meaning users are far more likely to convert.
  4. PWAs a Cross Platform. PWAs aren’t restricted to devices like iPhone or Android or a smartphone as opposed to a tablet. More so PWAs are being pushed hard by Google at the moment, but they are also not restricted to the Chrome browser. Fact is, PWAs can run on any device and in any modern browser.
  5. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Now you can combine your PWA with AMP, one of Google’s latest offerings in mobile search. Pages load almost instantly, and that’s regardless of your internet connection.
  6. Updating is Easy. Updates for either iPhone or Android, is not easy and will need technical skill and time! But you can update your PWA at your own convenience without having to submit it to an app store!

What are you waiting for? Support Small Business support the small businesses every step of the way to ensure they promote their businesses well. Download our app to get the experience then contact us (click on the app About Us tab for details) and let’s install your PWA today!

Download Support Small Business PWA App: http://cms.infoguidemedia.co.za/promo/supports

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