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Marketers Stop Selling, Focus on Being Bought!

The sales arena has changed! The sales techniques, tactics and tricks of yesteryear changed face and shape so subtly but quickly, that many have been left behind. What is marketing and what is sales debates are still being discussed and labored while the customers merely continues to buy at their leisure.

Customers now buy; they no longer can be sold!

The customer of today is making buying decisions online. It is no longer necessary to accept the first ‘snakeoil’ offered. Customers can now search online for the problem they experience then consider numerous solutions to that problem and only then decide which product or service will be the best fit for the solution found and selected. And this is what customers do! The sales man armored with opening and closing questions, body language skills and wearing blue is lost in this customer controlled buying field.

People still buy from people!

The reality of today is that a sales person no longer gets to find or choose their customers; the customer will find you and then make a decision if your product or service is in fact their first prize choice – competition is fierce and for the customer, choices ample. So how do customers choose your business, your product or service? They choose you!

All this gives new meaning to branding.  For years I have been saying a business is not a dead entity with logo’s, slogans, bill boards and modern buildings. A business is alive because a business has character, personality which is the sum total of the people working in the business. What lacks for me is that a business will create a corporate image that is totally out of sync with the staff member dealing with the customer.

Service start within sales; But sales starts within service!

A business, any business exists to add value to individuals. This statement then implies that no matter what product or service you have, your sole purpose as a business, as a marketer, as a sales person or as a customer representative is to serve, is to add value!

Stop selling and allow people to buy by serving them. How? Simply by providing them with enough information to make the best decision for them and not for your profit!

A serving attitude will ultimately grow your business beyond limits, rather than a sales attitude!

…. And by the way this, to me, applies to a corporate conglomerate, a small-to-medium business, a solopreneur, an affiliate marketer and even a Network Marketer!

Let’s serve to be successful – for the business and for the customer in need!

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