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LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Time, Effort and Money spent on Social Media has only one purpose – to generate leads! If you want to grow your business, grow your leads! We offer LinkedIn as a ‘Done-for-you-Service’. For businesses focused on growth and success, there is no better source to find laser targeted ready-to-buy leads than LinkedIn.

Finding leads on LinkedIn has many advantages with the focus on building relationships, permission-based marketing which ultimately structure the sales activities avoiding re-work or wasting time on qualifying leads.

Our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service will provide you with Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s), expecting a follow-up phone or email call from a salesperson. You can see how this could save you time, effort and money but more reduce the sales cycle significantly.

To generate LinkedIn MQL’s requires skill and time which most LinkedIn users do not have. We do the daily activity focusing on three key areas daily:

  1. Growth – Connecting with new leads daily first on your personal profile and then steering them towards your LinkedIn Company Page (If you do not have one we will create it)
  2. Engage – Building relationships with your current and new connection determining if they are a match for your product or service offering.
  3. Nurture – Staying in touch with your connections on LinkedIn is important. Even though they might not be ‘match’ LinkedIn as a social media platform is very focused on referral marketing. Connections that do not fit as an MQL can always be used for introductions and referrals but only if the relationship has been firmly established.

Our service consists of:


  • Profile – Auditing and Optimising
  • Company Page – Auditing and Optimising


  • Gain Expert and Authority Positioning – publishing and posting
  • Find Prospects – use agreed on keywords and advanced searches to target, resulting in leads
  • Develop your database – get connected
  • Engage with new connections – start the relationship
  • Conversational Marketing – Regular follow up messages to determine needs for lead qualifying purposes
  • Develop Brand – ensure your brand is visible by utilising all of the LinkedIn features including Profile Visits, Endorsement, Happy Birthday wishes and more.

You Don’t Need:

  • Adspend – We do not use LinkedIn advertising to generate leads and only rely on organic engagement
  • Paid LinkedIn Accounts – We can generate leads for you on LinkedIn even if you use a FREE Account


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