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Lead Generation

LEAD Shedding Stage 8 now Confirmed!

For the first time ever, I find myself in a position where I had to shut down my business’s marketing and sales campaigns…. and it had nothing to do with load shedding!

It was stressful but to ensure that lead follow up activities do not fall behind, it had to be done!

While South Africans are suffering as load shedding schedules and timeframes increases, interrupting vital business operations, we are generating over 30 leads for our business daily.



Like many others before me, I had to learn the hard way. As a marketer being qualified, certified, with 38 years of business as well as marketing experience I was depressed by my own marketing results.

I tried organic marketing, as admittedly money was becoming an issue, with poor results.

I tried paid marketing, using my last penny, with even poorer results.

I followed the gurus, did every course, re-learned what I have done in the past and kept at it, crying for a breakthrough. Something had to give…. nothing did!

Been there?

Then it just happened. Out of sheer desperation I was throwing everything I had (and knew) at it.

Suddenly there it was – LEADS!

I couldn’t believe it!

Finally …

I did it!


This is the secret.

It is One Message weaved into a series and combination of Organic and Paid marketing efforts –  the Ultimate Lead Generation Solution any business can thrive on!

Molly Pittman from Digitalmarketer, very aptly describes organic marketing as the rain and paid marketing as the hosepipe. Organic marketing is ‘hope-for-the-best’ activities while Paid marketing is a more ‘controlled-and-intentional’ focus.

And therein lies the power! You need both types of marketing but in a very specific format and sequence.

Once I understood this and started designing the LEAD GENERATOR, leads in my business was no longer an issue. Lead generation happens at will while sales conversions are very high.


It is a simple, very easy to implement, 5-step lead generation formula that is unstoppable:-

  1. Create a very powerful Landing Page to remove all the website ‘clutter’ to detail the ‘One Message’ also known as the BIG Marketing Idea
  2. Display the power and expertise of your brand by offering huge value that will resolve an issue for the visitor immediately
  3. Start with relationship building through email marketing that focus on introductions, including both parties, rather than sales messages
  4. Turn on the lead generation ‘hosepipe’ with on target, your ideal customer, Facebook, Google and YouTube paid advertising
  5. Plant the seeds with an effective content and social media marketing campaign and wait for the ‘rain’ with daily organic marketing.

…And before you know it, you too will have to do LEAD Shedding to cope with the interest in your business’s products and/or services!

We can implement your LEAD GENERATOR within 3-5 working days and you can expect leads as soon as with ‘open the hosepipe’.

What are you waiting for, let’s get started, let’s grow your business….

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