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Community Manager

How Social Media generates consistent daily Leads?

We have been so focused on driving traffic to our websites; what if we can do more… ?

There are a number of very successful business owners and marketer visible on most Social Media platforms, teaching daily on best business and marketing practices.

What is amazing though is that I have seen very few followers actually implementing and applying the recommended strategies taught.

Neil Patel will advocate that video is the way the be selected as the preferred supplier….

Did the number of videos drastically increase on the News Feeds?


Gary Vee will advise that he has seen the engagement increase with specific brands by means of commenting on posts…

Did the number of comments on posts updates increase?


So, I was wondering about this. Surely, we all want to grow our businesses and be successful. Why don’t, we see these teachings, guidance and tips being implemented and practised with rapid speeds?

I was intrigued and started asking questions to my clients, my followers and my audiences?

The answer was actually no surprise. For most time was an issue and for others some of these methods, like shooting a Live Video was as scaring as cold calling has been for many for years.

In my own business, and in the businesses of some of my clients, I have seen the power of commenting and videos. When I need to increase my revenue quickly, I increase my daily comments and do a Facebook Live almost daily. The results are almost immediately!

So here is a highly effective solution to use Social Media and these type methods of generate consistent daily leads without spending any more time than you can afford.


Have you noticed how we spend time on growing our followers on Social Media dedicated to follow the Customer Value Journey and build long lasting relationships? The purpose of all of these activities is to move our prospects, leads and customer seamlessly from awareness to the promote stage to ensure business and revenue growth.

But do you spend quality time with these followers on Social Media? Do you actually focus on building engagement not only with your audience but more so encourage engagement with your brand and each other; building a true community that is loyal to you and your brand?

Lead Generation is too often viewed as an activity to attract new prospects to become leads and sales. Lead Generation in fact should even more so concentrate on the community we have, encouraging and nurturing them to become your brand ambassadors and promoters.

To assist our clients, we designed a ‘Rent-a-Community-Manager’ service. Think of this as similar as hiring a shop assistant that will take care of walking clients even when you are not present.

So apart from speaking to your community what does our Community Managers do for your business?

A Community Manager’s main function is to create a healthy environment for your community members to connect with each other and facilitate, strengthen, and encourage those relationships. They are not directly involved in broadcasting marketing messages but focus more on helping and encouraging community members talking to each other on Social Media.

Think of our Community Managers as your brand advocates. They also monitor conversations and provide feedback to your business.

Typically, our Community Managers will…

  • Add and remove members from the community
  • Welcome new members
  • Establish community culture
  • Moderate community content
  • Provide customer support to community members
  • Gather testimonials and feedback produced in the community
  • Create strategic content designed to build relationships between members
  • Create content to further promote your brand including Live Videos
  • Introduce community members to each other
  • Develop and maintain community guidelines and policies
  • Host online events for community members like webinars acting as the host / hostess
  • Grow the community for your business and oversee the entire Customer Value Journey

For years we have been saying it is far easier to ‘keep a customer than to find a customer’. Today this still holds true but we also now focus on nurturing our prospect, leads and customers as one community whereby our customers in fact becomes instrumental and actively involved in growing our businesses with us.

There is no better way to achieve a healthy engaged community than having a dedicated Community Manager!

Community Management is  Lead Generation Tool and should be treated as such.

Start generating social media leads from your existing community by renting a community manager –
 https://tillydavies.co.za/product/rent-a-community-manager/ ‎

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