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Donald Trump

Donald Trump elected as President of Social Media

Donald Trump is storming ahead getting closer and closer to winning the Republican nomination for President. And he is achieving this by a very clever social media strategy. He remains on the minds of the people by dominating the social channels.

When you analyze his social strategy for Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest it is clear that the power of social media is well understood as the volume of shares for Trump content exceeds the shares of content about all the other candidates by far.

So what is the Donald Trump social media strategy?

In an article 8 must-know secrets of Donald Trump’s social media success by Buzzsumo they offer these 8 Trump social media tactics as an explanation:

  1. Content about non-establishment candidates gets more shares than content about mainstream candidates.
  2. Negative content drives shares as much or more than positive content.
  3. The main principle of influencer marketing holds true in political campaigns: What people say about you is more important than what you say about yourself.
  4. To gain shares, a campaign slogan should have value apart from the candidate’s name.
  5. Campaign gear can get shares, especially if it’s emblazoned with a popular slogan.
  6. Political position statements are more likely to get backlinks than sign-up forms.
  7. Video content drives social shares.
  8. PInterest is an outlier (with a sense of humor)

If you investigate closely it is apparent that the Trump strategy embraced the power of content marketing. A Google research will reveal that Trump dominates with 353 000 000 in 51 seconds. Now compare that to a search for Bible that will offer 393 000 000 in 51 seconds. Give the man credit he took the power of online marketing totally beyond limits.

Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again,” has clearly worked for him and to get this message distributed to the masses he used the Internet Marketing platform. Will his slogan ever change to ‘Make America Great Again via Internet Marketing” It should!

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Read and study the article here:  http://buzzsumo.com/blog/donald-trump/

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