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Support Small Business

The challenges of the small business owner

Support Small Business is more than just a business name. It is a command! Small businesses form the backbone of any society. Yet, statistics reveal that most small businesses experience challenges to the extent of failure.

Support Small Business is a business dedicated to helping small business owners grow their businesses by providing business and online marketing expertise, guidance, support and online visibility.

But what do we actually do?

We are your Online Business Assistants increasing your daily online authority by 100%! We have your back covered.

Think about your business as having a shop or an office inside a very busy shopping mall. Picture this – even though the basic infrastructure is there, desks and shelves, the shop is empty most of the time. Every now and then, a product appears on a shelf but the shop assistant is rarely there to open and assist potential buyers. Yet the business owner invites people from all over to come and visit the shop in this busy mall. Why? It is empty then!

Unfortunately, most small business owner’s online structures, websites and social media channels, are merely empty online spaces that they themselves hardly ever visit or contribute content to. Some claim they do not have time, some claim that they do not like to frustrate their visitors with too much information; less is more! Really? Why then do these small business owners invite other people to their website or social media channels? To do what?

Online infrastructures must be maintained daily, at least once! Simply because potential buyers need information about the business when they land on a business’s website or social media channel. Remember first impressions last and if I landed on a business’s LinkedIn Company Page, as an example and the last post was three months ago I might decide not to buy from this business. The perception was created and the decision made – psychologically. Should this business send a sales person to meet me I already decided not to buy their products or services and I might not even remember why! A sale opportunity lost twice!

We support small businesses to overcome this hurdle!

While you focus on your daily business activities we ensure that your business remains relevant and competitive, online! We provide your online visitors, prospects and customers with memorable experiences providing unique insightful information daily on time, real time and every time!

Think of us as making sure everything runs smoothly online in your absence while you provide excellent service to your customers. Now your business moves to the next level growing steadily and consistently.

We achieve this by creating and publishing daily social media content for you ensuring that your online followers and fans find value and motivation to want to visit your online structures often.

While we cater for the online human engagement we also adhere to search engine and social media algorithms resulting in your business products and services being displayed and offered as possible solutions to online searchers often, growing your business’s online popularity.

Our advanced management systems, tools and processes ensure that you remain in control! Every word, every picture, every video, we only ever publish content that has been approved by you!

The small business now can operate and manage their businesses like large corporates do without investing in the same infrastructure, effort, time and money but enjoying similar business growth results!

Contact us and let Support Small Business assist your business in becoming your Online Business Assistant!!

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