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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the most effective marketing tools for your business. Social media offers the immediacy and interactivity consumers want and anticipate. It can intensify customer engagement, drive quality leads and produce higher ROI.

We act as your Social Media Manager and tak responsibility of all the “macro” social media decisions for your business, saving you time and money. As the Social Media Manager for your business we will be responsible for:

  1. Designing  a social media strategy that’s in line with our business, the brand identity, the business’s audience, and goals.
  2. Administer and control budgets for different strategic actions.
  3. Define strategies to build/enhance the follower/fan base and to develop channels that strengthen engagement.
  4. In coordination with the marketing team, define promotion campaigns, competitions, paid-advertising, events, and product launches, in order to implement them on various platforms that have been decided to be used such as Facebook, LinkedIN or Twitter.
  5. Define content strategy, communication style, and control the execution of calendar content.
  6. Define and segment the user or “marketing persona” who the communication and actions will be directed towards.
  7. Define and control: social media KPIs, conversions and ROI objectives (always in coordination with the sales and marketing department of the business).
  8. Select what management tools and apps will be used to perform tasks.
  9. Design a plan to handle a social media reputation crisis.
  10. Define an SEO strategy.
  11. Guide research for market and industry insights in order to apply different strategies.
  12. Study and analyze the results of reports provided to detect both threats and opportunities, as well as to measure the effectiveness of various actions. Based on this, make decisions concerning each of the above aspects, in order to make improvements, changes, or a change of strategic direction, etc.
  13. Work closely with the business and  discuss the results and propose strategic improvements such as Public Relations, Marketing, Product, Sales, Directory.
  14. Work on the development of strategic alliances within the social media industry for future actions that can strengthen the growth of communities and the brand.