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About us

Who we are

Tilly Davies and Gerrit van der Merwe are seasoned business professionals. With more than 70 years business experience collectively, of which the majority were spent in senior management roles Tilly and Gerrit are passionate about growing businesses.

Operating within areas such as IT, Customer Experience and Finance Tilly and Gerrit understand that business growth is dependent on retaining and growing finance and customers  for businesses.

Tilly Davies Digital (brand re-alignment in progress) recognises the value a partnership between Tilly and Gerrit could bring to the Digital Marketing initiatives of business executives. 

Ultimately it is important to work towards profits for the business, the directors, and the owner. However, the time is here and now to focus on a larger broader vision of impact on economy and society.

Our mission is to connect people around values creating trust and growing business communities that will work together for a larger, broader impact on economy and society.

Our vision is to change the way we do business – focusing on the Customer Experience as an integral part of all Marketing Initiatives and campaigns.

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