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A Network Marketing Business Strategy – Have you gone mad?

A lot of network marketers tell me that they do not need a business strategy as they merely duplicate what their upline’s do. But what if your upline is not guiding you or even worse what if their methods do not work for you.

To assist you best, the question really should be: What is a Business Strategy?

In searching the Internet the most common definition I found was: “business strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve its desired ends (objectives).”

The better way to define a business strategy will probably be to determine what it is not. Consider the following:

  • A business strategy is not a vision or mission statement
  • A business strategy is not setting BIG goals
  • A business strategy is not describing your business
  • A business strategy is not a description of how you differentiate yourself from competitors
  • A business strategy is not a long term plan of how you will make the most profit

So what is a business strategy then?

A business strategy is simply a plan of action that you are going to take consistently, short and long term, in order to grow your business. It must always incorporate:

  • Who is your business for – your target market
  • What problem will your business solve – the solutions others are seeking
  • Why will they choose your business – what makes your services and products unique or different
  • How will they use your business offerings – what will they do or what actions will they take when purchasing your products or services
  • When will people be most likely to seek your products or services – in other words what systems or tools must you have in place in order to serve your prospects and/or customers best

Now even though this seems overly simplified the fact of the matter is when you can successfully answer the above questions (of course there is more) you are well on your way to build your network marketing (or any small business for that matter) by design and not by chance.

Remember in a network marketing business,  Structure brings Order which results in Control.

Once you can control the growth of your business you are in charge and your business successful!


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