Monday 21 Jan 2019

LinkedIN Management

LinkedIn for business growthLinkedin caters for the business community. It offers the vast networking power of social media without sacrificing the attention of the people using Linkedin. Unlike Facebook or Twitter on LinkedIn you will only see useful business related content.

It is guaranteed, regardless the size of your business, you will see the benefits that LinkedIn offers. You might join Facebook to connect with friends and family, but on LinkedIn th focus is strongly on growing your business, on making money - afterall that is why we are in business.

Many report though that they do not experience the acclaimed business benefits or that it is extremely time consuming. Fact is LinkedIn requires a lot of 'ground work' and a lot of 'technical' understandingof how LinkedIn works in order to reap the business benefits.

That is what we are all about! We do all the hard, time consuming activities for you by finding your Marketing Quality Leads (MQL's) for you, right here in your LinkedIn Profile. All you need to do is take these MQL's and convert them into Sales Qualified Leads (SQL's) closing the deal! Nothing can be easier and less time consuming than this.  

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Why LinkedIn is a cannot do without choice for your business

  1. Make the right connections the first time.  Match future connections to your Customer Persona and only connect if there is match. This is where the search engine power of LinkedIn plays an important role.
  2. Who do you want to meet you? Setup your profile with your Customer Persona's journey in mind - identify with their pain/problem, the solution they are seeking and only then introduce yourself as the CEO of your business.
  3. LinkedIn Generosity.  Make introduction by identifying people  that would be great to meet each other and make introductions. They are bound to return the favor!
  4. Support for Everybody.  Like all social media platforms LinkedIn has its own etiquette. Instead of spamming everybody on LinkedIn you spend time interacting with people, supporting their content, causes and company before launching into salesy stuff.
  5. Get Traffic to your website. Get people off LinkedIn and onto your own eMail List, is ultimately the goal. Post relevant content and create enough curiosity to encourage a website visit - with a Landing Page off course.
  6. Finally, It’s Who You Know, Not Always What You Know. A major rule of business revolves around who you know. The additional benefit with Linkedin is that you can see who the people you are connected with know. No lack of prospects ever!


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